Recycled pallets are a great economical choice, while ensuring the highest quality and durability.

City Pallets can build pallets using new or recycled lumber in almost any size following your specifications.

Find out how much money you could be generating with City Pallets.

With Pallet Connect technology, pick-up and drop-off is just a click away.

Canadian pallet
and crate supplier

City Pallets is a Canadian-owned pallet manufacturing company operating across Canada. Whether you are a small company in need of only a few pallets or a large business requiring service across multiple locations City Pallets has you covered. While we serve all over Canada, we are knowledgeable and serve many customers across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our pallet professionals are ready to assist you in selecting the best pallet options for your business.

If you are looking for a reliable Pallet Recovery or pallet pickup recycling service we offer the highest market rebates to buy back pallets across Canada.

From smaller pickups of less than 50 pallets to full 53 ft trailer loads of pallets find out how we can increase your rebates with full accountability.

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What we offer:

We specialize in new, recycled and custom pallets built from a combination of either recycled or new lumber. With our friendly team and amazing production crew, we are ready to offer a premium service at a competitive rate.

  • Recycled pallets
  • Custom & combo pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • IPPC ISPM-15 heat-treated pallets
  • Custom built crates

to sustainability

We believe that all corporations have a responsibility to protect and improve our environment. That is why we partnered with Tree Canada to plant trees on our behalf. The more pallets we pick up and recycle from your location, the more trees we plant.

More than
Trees planted and counting

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