The Pallet Connect

When you work with City Pallets, you get the bonus of working with our Pallet Connect system. This allows you to log in, track your orders and request pick-ups all in one place. Interested in using Pallet Connect in your business? Check out more information below.


Buried in paperwork and spreadsheets?

Now you can ditch the paperwork!

With Pallet Connect you can add images and paper copies to any transaction with your camera phone.

Simplify reporting, billing, scheduling and more, in real-time, from wherever you are.


Never-ending ‘reply-all’ eMail chains?

Connect and manage your office, warehouse, customers, suppliers and drivers all in one place.

Your management, employees, customers and suppliers can download the Pallet Connect mobile app, making its easy to view and access information.


Supposed to pick something up but can’t remember what or where?

Keep track of driver schedules, confirmation signatures and inventory management with ease.

Real time intelligent analytics showing you in real time the information that you need and want to see.